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BioTerrain - Essential Minerals Support 90 ct

Part Number BioTerrain BL150
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BioTerrain - Essential Minerals Support 90 ct
BioTerrain - Essential Minerals Support 90 ct
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BIO TERRAIN - 90 Capsules  For Liquid Minerals See BioTerrain Plus


Minerals are critical to every function in the body.  They are like the spark plugs for the body and we cannot function without them.  The Brain and heart are severally compromised without sufficient minerals as is the whole body.  The body cannot maintain proper PH levels without minerals and as many studies show improper PH levels are a large indicator in allergies as well as many chronic health issues.  The body cannot bind toxins for exit out of the body without proper mineral reserves.  The body will rob its tissues, bones and finally our organs for the minerals needed to maintain blood ph & to neutralize toxins for removal from the body thru the delicate kidneys.  So as you see minerals are critical and that is why you will see all of our protocols call for mineral supplementation.  Note it can take sometimes a year or longer to restore proper mineral reserves in the body and because our food supply is so deficient in minerals due to modern farming inadequacies we are well served to take mineral supplementation daily to restore what our food no longer provides.    


Details of  Key ingredients:

  • Trace Minerals - contains a very broad spectrum of organically bound trace minerals (unlike other supplements which use volcanic ash trace minerals from an ancient inland sea-bed) which can be utilized by the body much more efficiently because of the organic binding or natural chelation of the minerals. 

  •  Atlantic Kelp-grown in clean, non-polluted waters, this nutritious kelp contains a predictable iodine content and high mineral content, and provides excellent assimilation. 

  •  Alfalfa-a mineral-rich plant that also has high chlorophyll and vitamin K contents. 

  •  Horsetail-has high silica content. 

  • Spirulina -has an excellent mineral content, especially selenium, which is a mineral usually deficient in the American diet due to soil erosion. 

Bio Terrain (90 Capsules)

Directions: Adults take 2 capsules 1-2 times  per day.  Or as directed by your health care provider.

Areas of Use: Anemia, Mineral Deficiency, Post Fracture, Goiter, Pregnancy, arthritis, PH issues.

Ingredients:  See Label below

For Professional Use

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