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Fiber Aid - Fiber Support 120 ct

Part Number Fiber Aid BL175
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Fiber Aid - Fiber Support 120 ct
Fiber Aid - Fiber Support 120 ct
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Fiber Aid - 120 Capsules

This formula is designed to help achieve rapid weight loss. This is accomplished by expansion of the ingredients as well as biological effect that both curb the appetite and lengthen satisfaction time. Also fiber serves to sweep the colon for a healthier digestive tract.Fiber also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar levels.It helps prevent colon cancer, constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity and many other disorders.Fiber is also good for removing certain toxic metals from the body. Because the refining process has removed much of the natural fiber from our foods, the typical American diet is lacking in fiber.

There are seven basic classifications of fiber: bran, cellulose, gum, hemicelluloses, lignin, mucilage’s, and pectin.Each form has its own function.It is best to rotate among several different supplemental fiber sources.Start with small amounts and gradually increase your intake until your stools are the popper consistency.

Bran Gums and Mucilage’s such as this formulation help to regulate blood glucose levels, aid in lowering cholesterol, and help in the removal of toxins.They foster the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn discourages the growth of harmful ones.Derived from the tuber of the amorphophallis plant, it picks up and removes fat from the colon wall.This substance is good for diabetes, as it has been recognized for normalizing blood sugar and is good for people with hypoglycemia as well.Glucomannan expands to sixty (60 ) times its own weight, thereby helping to curb the appetite.Taking 2-3 capsules with a large glass of water 30 minutes before a meal is helpful for reducing allergic reactions and some symptoms associated with high and low blood sugar disorders.Always be sure to drink a large glass of water when taking this type of fiber as capsules can lodge in the throat and expand there, causing breathing problems.

Directions:Take between meals away from food.Each capsule is activated by chasing with a large glass of water.If your body is not accustomed to fiber, begin with one capsule and at least 1 quart of water.If sufficient amounts of water are not taken with this Fiber, it will not activate.When this fiber is activated, it swells 60 times larger than the amount taken.It is a non digestible fiber only and is used to sweep unwanted fats through the system.Very effective for weight loss.

Areas of Use:Reduces High cholesterol & Triglycerides, Aids in Heavy metal detoxification, Blood sugar issues, Colon Cleansing, Weight management, Detoxification, Constipation

Ingredients: See Label Below

For Professional Use

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