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R&R - Relief and Restore Emotional Balance

Part Number R&R - WL24
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R&R - Relief and Restore Emotional Balance
R&R - Relief and Restore Emotional Balance
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Welcome to a Life of Emotional Tranquility and Balance! 
The brain is a deep and mysterious organ, whose dark folds and gray matter are barely understood. But tickle the right neurons, and all heaven breaks loose.  R&R is a unique blend of exotic herbs, amino acids and minerals that can really help put a smile back on your face without all the negative side effects!
For thousands of years travelers to Asia, Egypt, South America, Africa and the Fiji Islands were welcomed with exotic herbal teas, allowing them to relax, be happy and enjoy the local paradise. R&R is the world’s first blend of these beloved herbs.  Brought to you from around the world, to provide the emotional balance we all seek.   Let R&R lift your spirits, ease your worries and put a smile back on your face, side effect free. 

Size: 1 fl. oz
Directions:  6 Sprays under the tongue 1 time daily.  Can take as needed up to 3 times.  Adult Dose 6 sprays, Teen Dose (13 - 19) 3 sprays. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.
Ingredients: Nanostructured, R&R Complex: Blue Lotus, White Lotus, Cacao Bean, Coca Leaf (de-cocainized), Kanna, African Dream Herb, Country Mallow, Lion's Tail, Lion's Ear, Sakae Naa, EGCG, Bitter Orange, Kava Kava, Acacia Confusa Root Bark, Berberine.   Neurotransmitters Support: Angstrom Lithium, Glycine, L-Glutamine, DL- Aspartic Acid.   Limbic Support: Tangerine Essential Oil, Vanilla Bean Extract.   Other Ingredients: Purified Spring Water, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin.

Warnings: If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult with your doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children. 
Customer Reviews
Rating Mrs.
Love this product! Great results after only two days for focus and calmness, as well as, curbing my appetite. I tend to be an emotional eater when I am stressed/anxious and have found I am not reaching for food as comfort either.
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Reviewed by:  from Atlanta. - 6/21/2017
Rating R&R
I'm currently going through a very stressful time with my family and emotions are always right on the edge. In addition, I'm was feeling very anxious and an overall "internal" tremor. After taking the product once each day for 2 days, I've noticed a significant difference. Emotions have calmed down and the internal tremor has dissipated. Today I wasn't able to take it first thing, and noticed my anxiousness coming back. Took it right away and feeling better this afternoon. Great product!!
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Reviewed by:  from Atlanta, GA. - 6/21/2017
Rating Ms
I have had amazing results with my stress and feeling tranquil and joyful using this product. Even my Chiropractor said my structure was so much better because my stress was down so much and my neck and low back were in great shape compared to normal. I now have no issue shutting my brain down at night so I fall asleep easy and with the Just Sleep I really get the deep sleep I need.
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Reviewed by:  from ATLANTA. - 6/21/2017
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