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Real Energy RCS - Restores Energy System of Body -ATP Production

Part Number Real Energy RCS WL15
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Real Energy RCS    -    Restores Energy System of Body -ATP Production
Real Energy RCS - Restores Energy System of Body -ATP Production
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Directions: Adult Dose- 4 sprays 4x daily • Teen Dose (13-19 yrs) – 3 sprays 3x daily • Child’s Dose (3-12 yrs) - 2 Sprays 2x daily • Infant – Consult physician
Ingredients: Proprietary Nanostructured Amino Acid Matrix: Glycine, Proline, Histidine, Glutamic Acid
Other Ingredients: Purified Spring Water, Fructose, 14% 
Organic Cane Alcohol

Warning:  If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or have a medical condition please consult your doctor before use.

Real Energy RCS

•    Sustained Steady Energy
•    Stimulant Free
•    Enhances energy levels through Mitochondria support
•    Increases ATP production
•    Addresses physical fatigue associated with prolonged stress
•    Supports the Limbic-Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid-Adrenal Axis.

The newest and most exciting treatment in medicine today is Peptide Therapy. Peptide Therapies are already being used in multiple countries as a protocol for treating neurological and autoimmune disorders, as well as, various forms of cancer.  In the US, Peptide Therapies are now being explored at top companies and universities, such as UCLA, University of Michigan and Yale. Research in peptide mapping and synthesis is providing exciting breakthroughs that allow biochemists to target specific protein, peptide and neurotrophic growth factor molecules and deliver them to targeted cell receptors. These natural molecules can stimulate the desired cellular function.

Regenerative Cell Signaling Nutraceuticals (RCS) uses Nanostructured Amino Acids that are encoded with bio-information.  Bio-Information from Nanostructure Amino Acids has the ability to stimulate your body to naturally release peptides.  Boosting specific peptide levels can subsequently regulate positive cellular functions. 

How it works
There are two molecules vital for the function of cells to maintain human life. – Proteins, which include peptides, and your body’s specific DNA. These two biological structures carry all the information necessary for life. DNA is simply a matrix; it is a molecule that, by itself, performs no function. Only when a relevant protein or peptide connects with a corresponding segment of the DNA, will it stimulate the synthesis of specific proteins. This interaction between the two is the key to life.

Activated peptide receptors signal molecules that pass through the nucleus of the cell to reach the DNA. These signals stimulate the DNA through a process known as protein transcription. Transcription begins with a bundle of factors assembling at the start of a gene to process the protein’s information. The double helix is unzipped and one of the strands is copied. The strand that is produced, as the DNA is unzipped is called RNA, which is a close chemical cousin of DNA.

When the RNA is complete, it begins to extend to the outer part of the cell. When this occurs, all the components of a molecular factory, called a Ribosome, lock together around the RNA. It then translates the genetic information within the RNA into a string of amino acids that will become a protein.

The molecular information is passed to the cell through signal transduction pathways, which then stimulate, regulate or inhibit various functions of the cell, in order to produce a series of intercellular reactions. The production of these specific protein families is fundamental to balancing the targeted dysfunction. The functional protein, when necessary, exits the cell and inserts itself into neighboring cells that are unable to synthesize functional proteins, allowing the organ or tissue to begin the regeneration process.

Continued applications of bio-information from the Nanostructured Amino Acids obtained from RCS stimulates your body to naturally produce its own peptides.  Endogenous Peptides are responsible for functions such as signalization, specialization, cellular differentiation, modulation and reproduction, as well as, the synchronization of all those functions.  These peptides will progressively boost the repair process and promote stabilization within the targeted cell cycle. It is at this stage that these peptides have all the information regarding these important functions, which no longer exists in the pathological tissue.

Regenerative Cell Signaling Nutraceuticals (RCS) are 100% natural with no side effects. Nanostructured Amino Acids are manufactured from Alanine, Arginine, Asparagine, Aspartate, Cysteine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Glutamine, Glutamate, Glycine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Tryptophan, Valine, and Fructose. These ingredients are structured on a Nano level and infused with signaling bio-information.

The results of these innovative Regenerative Cell Signaling Nutraceuticals (RCS) are unparalleled in speed and intensity. With our sublingual delivery system there is no need for intravenously or intramuscular injections, which is the traditional route of delivery for Peptide Therapies. 

Nanostructured Amino Acids are loaded with bio-information.  The bio-information stimulates your body to make its own peptides.  These peptides are used by the cells to regulate different biological functions. This process supports function in dysfunctional cells.

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